Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grant

What is the Workplace Equipment Adaptation Grant?

This grant is designed for people with a disability who’ve been offered employment, or are about to be re-deployed, promoted or become self-employed. If any of these changes means a more accessible or adapted workplace is required for you to do your job, your employer may get a grant towards the costs.

Examples of adaptations: minor modifications such as ramps or toilets, alarm systems with flashing lights or equipment adaptation, such as voice synthesizers for computers or amplifiers for telephone.s


You or your employer
can apply for this grant if you:
Have been offered employment or an apprenticeship in the private sector and require adaptations to equipment or premises to undertake duties.
Are employed in the private sector, have recently changed jobs as a result of re-deployment or promotion, and require adaptations to equipment or premises to undertake the duties required.
Have acquired a disability whilst in employment, or have a condition that has deteriorated, and require adaptations to equipment or premises in order to retain your employment. Are about to become self-employed and require adaptations to your working premises or equipment.

Application Forms

Part 1: Workplace Equipment Adaption Grant (WEAG)

Completed Forms should be sent to your local Intreo Centre. If you know the name of the Case Officer dealing with your application please address the application to him or her.

Part 2: Workplace Equipment Adaption Grant (WEAG)

The second part of the application for the Reasonable Accommodation Grant Application.

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