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Assistive Technology


Most modern computer operating systems such as Windows 10 and Mac OS have built in accessibility settings. This is the first place to look to make life easier for yourself or your employee. You can magnify text, change the background colour or enable narration.
On occasion a more specialist solution is required.
Claroread and Read and Write provide banks of tools for dyslexics including text to speech and word prediction. To make writing easier tools like Dragon Pro allow you to use a headset to narrate your text into an email or a document.
Grid 3 is a complete communication solution that enables people to have a voice, control their environment and live more independent lives.

Assistive Technology


There is a vast range of computer access hardware.  The common aim is to enable the user. This could mean:
  • a better computer mounting solution
  • a bigger or smaller keyboard to cater for visual or dexterity issues
  • a mouse alternative such as a Rollerball of Joystick where the user does not have good hand control
  • eye gaze technology which enables the user to control the computer using only eye movement

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